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Work with software engineers and designers to develop an easy-to-use mobile app for physicians so they can make more accurate decisions for their patients.

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It’s time for change in the medical information industry. Information is power and we enable physicians to provide patients with the the unbiased, evidence-based information that should be there in in the first place.

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We're looking for physicians, residents and medical students to work with specialists in their field to develop and curate medical content.

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The Current State of Health Care

Most physicians entered medicine to help people, but upon graduation, learn too late that they are constrained by HMOs, pharmaceutical companies and administration to focus on quantity over quality, harming the physical and emotional well-being of both patients and doctors. Physicians are tired of being micro-managed and told what diagnosis to give, or what and how to bill.

Doctors feel they are powerless to change a system larger than themselves and feel they have no choice in the matter. To preserve their pay check, they play “the game” to avoid being fired. Some doctors are required to work to the point where they do not even have time for basic self-care, but are too overworked to do much about this system. It’s no surprise that they’re dropping out at alarming rates. We already have a shortage of doctors; to lose more doctors would be dreadful.

Doctors are sick of medicine

“We need to push back hard against today’s flawed rules, laws, algorithms and metrics that promote mediocrity and standardization, and provide all the wrong incentives in healthcare. That’s the only way that physicians and patients will be able to enjoy the experience of individualized, personal patient care.”

by Karen S. Sibert, MD

So doctors are sick of medicine:
What can we do to fix that?


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Time for Change

“Given the rise of open-access scientific publishing, why have we not seen similar developments making the world’s medical knowledge freely available in a constantly updated and intuitively accessible format ready at the point of care?”

by James Heilman

Open Access to a High-Quality, Impartial, Point-of-Care Medical Summary Would Save Lives:
Why Does It Not Exist?

PLoS Medicine

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Did we sign up for this?

The whistle has been blown, but no one’s listening. Too much money is being made. Patients don’t know that they’re being harmed, nor that they are the ones who could change it, as the system is designed to keep them “satisfied” first and healthy, second.

Often, what makes a patient “satisfied” isn’t what’s best for their health. Our current system doesn’t allow this to be reconciled, nor does it want to. The loss of a “customer” isn’t tolerated, for any reason.

Why we’re creating OpenXmed

Our company is founded by physicians for physicians. We aim to empower doctors like you by creating a platform that allows you to create and share medical knowledge without the exorbitant subscription fees. This platform will provide concise, evidence-based tools to help support diagnostic and treatment decisions. Our software will provide the next step in a diagnosis, based on consensus of the physician community.

We are looking for thought leaders who want to contribute to a movement long overdue.

Heath Care Transparency

“Price and quality transparency is more than just a trend in health care; it’s an expectation. With the cost of the same medical procedure varying sometimes by more than 100 percent even within the same region, the need for transparency by health care consumers could hardly be greater."

SBN Staff

What you need to know about health care transparency tools
Smart Business Online

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Can you separate yourself from a disease-oriented medical system to find optimal health, when all these parameters – health insurance, government programs, drug companies, and doctors – perpetuate disease via their beliefs, thoughts, training, messaging, and actions?

by James Heilman

How America's healthcare system will keep you sick

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This is where you come in

In order for this to be possible, we need residents, attendings, fellows — everyone to take part. Your contribution of medical knowledge either through years of experience, recent training, or based on your schooling, will help create this platform to revolutionize medicine and help place the power of diagnosis and treatment back in the hands of each individual physician.

We are looking for thought leaders who want to contribute to a movement long overdue.