Let us know you’re interested, by signing up to our beta program. We are doing a limited beta release, so when we do get to you, you will have received an email with instructions on how to proceed.
We are doing a beta release through TestFlight, not the Apple Store, so there’s a couple of extra steps to get onboard.

The email you receive will ask you to “View in Testflight”, which you just need to click the link provided in the email.

That’s great! All you need to do now is:
1. download TestFlight from the app store onto your phone.
2. Copy the code provided to you in the webpage.
3. Open TestFlight app, and tap Redeem.
4. Enter in the code provided to you and start your download will start.

Example of the webpage with Code.

This could mean your invite expired, which is not a problem. We have your email address, and we can easily resend your invite out.
This could mean your code has expired, which is not a problem. We can resend your invite out.

Once you receive your invite again via email, when you tap “View in Testflight”, you should automatically be taken to the TestFlight app, where you will now see Openxmed.

Once you have received your email invite and you have redeemed your code, you should see our Zenxmed Prototype app, Openxmed.

Simply tap “Install” and wait for the installation to complete. Once it’s completed, you can now open the app up.

All you have to do now is Sign Up as you would with any mobile app.

We ask for very basic information to create an account for you, such as:
• Your first and last name,
• Your email address,
• A password,
• Which medical specialty you’re in,
• And which school did you study medicine in.

If you are experiencing other issues, we would recommend you uninstall the mobile app. Once uninstalled, please turn off your iPhone and restart it. Then simply open TestFlight and reinstall the app.

If you are still experiencing issues after a fresh install and reboot, please contact us so we can help you out.

If you are part of our growing medical contributor team, you will need to request an invite as well.

You would follow the same instructions as mentioned before, and once you have the app downloaded, you would need to login using the credentials you have for the Content Management System.

We will be launching with an Android version of the platform, after we have officially launched to the Apple Store.
We do, and if you are a physician concerned with maintaining the health and well-being of your patients, you can be part of our growing community of medical practitioners, by writing for a cause! Sign up here.
We’re building a platform that will empower physicians, like you, who want to restore balance and regain control of the diagnosis and treatment decisions of your patients.

To do this, we need skilled, dedicated physicians to help craft and contribute content, helping us to deliver the exceptional quality care your patients deserve.

We also need folks like you share, and spread our message to other physicians, so that our platform can grow and improve! You can do this by signing up yourself, for our beta app, which is available now. Of course, we’d be happy if you shared this with your peers and colleagues as well.