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Why we’re building a better mobile clinical resource.

Very recently, Kate Samano from‘s blog The Do sat down with us to find out more about our platform, and how Zenxmed’s premier mobile-first app Openxmed is going impact the health and care of a patient.

Openxmed is a free, evidence-based clinical resource with content written and peer-reviewed by physicians for physicians.

Rebekah Allen, DO, has been involved in some of the early research and product testing. She understands the benefits, and the necessity of a tool like this at point-of-care in certain situations.

“Time is of the essence…you need an answer right then and there.” – Rebeka Allen DO

Our goal early on was to encourage participation from practicing physicians, and build a community where precision-guided decisions along with new advances in mobile technologies are being utilized effectively.

Critical decision-making

Clinical evidence changes every day, and the current modalities and tools used are not really making the positive impact needed on a patient’s entire care.

“Zenxmed simmers down information about the pathology of a disease state and evidence for different treatment modalities to what you need in real-time when you’re at the bedside treating patients,” says Dr. Lang.

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